Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Couple Who Let Internet Name Daughter Reject Top Choice

(Photo via namemydaughter.com)
Remember Stephen McLaughlin, that guy who decided to let the Internet name his baby daughter?

He set up a website - NameMyDaughter.com - and did a casual reddit AMA that generated even more name suggestions. Most of the submissions were actually surprisingly reasonable, if a bit nerdy.

The couple gave birth to their daughter on April 7 and went with the name Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin.

Despite getting the most votes, Stephen said the name "Cthulhu" wasn't agreed upon with his wife. He said on his website;
"Unfortunately internet I know better than to trust you. We will ultimately be making the final decision, Alas my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco692. Sorry guys the wife wouldn't go for a free for all."
It seems the experiment was at least a partial success. "Amelia" stuck. That means the little girl is pretty much destined to grow up to be Doctor Who fan. Plus, she'll always have the story of how she narrowly escaped being named Stormageddon Salad McLaughlin.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Winnipeg Magician Wows Britain's Got Talent Audience

(Image via Britain's Got Talent)
It takes a lot to impress Simon Cowell, but a Winnipeg man competing on Britain’s Got Talent stunned the former American Idol judge with his impressive magic act.

Darcy Oake flew from Canada to the UK just to try out for Britain’s Got Talent. It was a gamble but judging by this video of his magic act, it paid off. He ended up wowing everyone in the audience.

They probably sat there wondering how many doves can fit in his jacket.

Watch his full performance here:

Oake received four “yes” votes from the judges on Saturday and has moved on to the next round.

[CBC/Video via BGT]

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pizza Cake May Be Coming To Canada

(Image via Boston Pizza)
This is not something you can buy yet but—come this summer—you may be able to order Boston Pizza's Pizza Cake, a clear sign of the demise of our civilization, which apparently has been replaced by a bunch of food combinations leaving our taste buds craving for more.

The pizza cake is one of eight "innovations" currently up for vote on Boston Pizza's pizza game changer website in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The innovation that receives the most votes will actually get made by the company.

The pizza cake is number one in the count by a wide margin.

 If all goes according to plan, it’s going to change the pizza game forever, eh?

[Huffinton Post]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Mrs. Doubtfire" To Get a Sequel

(Image via Mrs. Doubtfire (1993))
The 1993 hit comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams, is finally getting a sequel.

The movie, which brought in more than $400 million globally, followed Williams as a struggling actor and father who takes on the role of a female Scottish nanny in order to spend more time with his children. The film also starred Pierce Brosnan and Sally Field.

David Berenbaum, who wrote Elf, has been tapped to write the script, 21 years after the original film was released.

Williams and director Chris Columbus will be reunited for the sequel.

[Hollywood Reporter]