Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boy Forced Into Coffin As Punishment; Police Say

SCRANTON, Pa -- A seven-year-old Scranton, Pa., boy claims his parents forced him to wear a diaper and put him in a coffin as punishment, Reuters reports.

Neighbours called police on Sept. 26 when they could hear the boy crying inside the house, the news agency reported Tuesday.

Police found the boy sitting in the basement wearing a diaper. He told police he was crying because he was hungry.

The news agency reported the boy told police he had been locked in a coffin, which was held shut with a chair. He managed to push the coffin open and escape. In the past, he told police, his stepfather used duct tape to keep the coffin shut, according to court documents cited by Reuters.

The documents indicate the boy said his mother and stepfather would put him in the basement as punishment. They would tell him there were ghosts and would even rattle chains to scare him. He wore the diaper because there was no washroom in the basement. Police are now searching for the boy's mother, Lori Gardner, 26, and stepfather, Brian Sleboda, 31.


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