Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year-old McDonald's Cheeseburger in Windsor Unchanged With Time

Windsor nutritionist Melanie Hesketh is making waves after putting McDonalds cheeseburgers to the test. According to McDonald’s Canada, they exclusively sell 100 per cent Canadian beef, with no additives, fillers or binding agents in their patties. Yet after Hesketh left a cheeseburger on her kitchen counter for an entire year, she found no noticeable change in the patty, bun, or cheese, except for slight shrinkage. Not even bacteria were interested in the unrefrigerated meat, which Hesketh has attributed to the patty’s 750 milligrams of sodium.

No mustard or ketchup was included in the test, and the nutritionist says she plans to keep the burger indefinitely. Mmm… binding agents.

[National Post]

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