Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flash Mob Attempts World Record‎

As part of a world record breaking event, thousands of towns across America came together Saturday and danced the same dance moves at one single time frame as part of an international effort to break a world record for largest simultaneous "flash mob."

In the video above, Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro was joined by hundreds of "Carlton Dancers" all across North America to perform his signature moves during a recent attempt to break the world record for the Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob.

The event was organized by multi-level marketing firm ViSalus to promote its Body by Vi Challenge.

Cities in Canada had taken part as well. A large group of people gathered in the street leading out from Saskatoon's Midtown Mall Saturday at 1 p.m.

No official word yet on their success in setting a new record, but it's nice to know Alfonso Ribeiro is still out there doing his thing. Even if that thing is promoting a pyramid scheme.


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