Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza Hut Launches Cheeseburger-Ringed Pizza In Middle East

You know how you're downing your daily meat-lovers pizza and you think to yourself, "man, if only the crust was made of cheeseburgers"? As if that hot dog stuffed crust wasn't enough for you.

Introducing the Cheese Burger Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East: A cheesy, burgery pizza pie with a crust made entirely out of open-faced sliders.

On a diet? Check out the Chicken Fillet Pizza: A BBQ chicken pizza topped with green peppers, and crusted with mini chicken fillets.

There's something for every future coronary artery bypass graft recipient at the Crown Crust Carnival. Seriously, I don't think this trend of mix and mashing food is going to end anytime soon. Let's anticipate a meatball-Big Mac pizza on a Double Down with a side of bacon.

[Eater/Video via: YouTube]

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